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  • Also, has got a basketball team which plays biennially in the Island Games.
  • A national conference is held biennially for members of the state-based societies.
  • The board of education consists of eight members, elected biennially, who serve staggered four-year terms.
  • It has been held biennially since its first successful event in 2001.
  • After four initial annual conventions, it was agreed to hold the event biennially.
  • The House of Representatives consists of not less than twenty-four, or more than forty members elected biennially. Cited from The Hawaiian Archipelago, Isabella L.Bird
  • It has been an annual race since 1990 - it was held biennially over the eight years before this date.
  • The all-Britain national congress is also held biennially.
  • It was held for the first time in 1999 and has been played biennially since.
  • Since 2001, it has been played biennially in different locations around the world.
  • The society met annually from its formation until 2004 and has met biennially since then.
  • Broadcast originally on BBC Two biennially, and then on BBC Four years later.
  • The award was presented biennially until 2006 at which point it became an annual award.
  • Town elections are held biennially during odd years in May.
  • Nearly all of these turn out laws every year; even when the legislatures meet biennially, they frequently have an annual session. Cited from Popular Law-making, by Frederic Jesup Stimson
  • Training courses are held biennially with a rotating system of host members.
  • The members of both houses are elected biennially. Cited from The Government Class Book, by Andrew W. Young
  • Whereas they can mate annually they only do so biennially.
  • Several pieces are on view from the Museum's most recent outdoor sculpture competition, held biennially.
  • Among them was one that authorized the General Assembly to meet annually instead of biennially.
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Meaning of biennially

  • adverb Every two years
    this festival takes places biennially