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  • When he was eleven, he finished his primary school education and obtained a certificate with mention bien.
  • Bien is one of two Danish-language newspapers published in the United States.
  • The Long Bien Bridge was built during his term as Governor-General and was named for him.
  • Bien is the only weekly Danish-language newspaper published in the United States.
  • When the sergeant begins his talk -- c'est bien sale, is it not? Cited from Fort Amity, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • Shortly thereafter, she made his first starring role in the film El bien esquivo.
  • C'est bien son front de glace et son regard de feu! Cited from La Esmeralda, by Victor Hugo
  • Le Bien Public is a regional daily newspaper published in Dijon in north-east France.
  • "Bien!" she said, and with a smile made me welcome. Cited from Leaves from a Field Note-Book, by J. H. Morgan
  • From this point Bien Hoa became the base of newly formed and continually growing air units.
  • He fled in October 1789, and the castle was declared bien national (national property).
  • Currently the chief advocacy group is Basic Income Ireland, a member of BIEN.
  • Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien - both together they would have been happy (perhaps).
  • Estar must be used when the complement is bien or mal, no matter what meaning is intended.
  • "Bien, monsieur, I shall soon relate it, for the story is very short." Cited from The Young Fur Traders, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • C'est bien bete de ma part de le craindre et de me mefier. Cited from Une histoire d'Amour, by Paul Marieton
  • Eh bien, at that point you will find Jean Benoit strong enough. Cited from The Young Seigneur, by Wilfrid Chateauclair
  • His second album Solola Bien of 1999 took the African music scene by storm.
  • The order of Nature remains constant (l'ordre general de la Nature a l'air bien constant). Cited from The Idea Of Progress, J.B. Bury
  • BIEN has recognized 20 affiliated national networks across the world and two transnational networks.
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