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  • Info Bidston is a suburb of Birkenhead, on the Wirral Peninsula, in the county of Merseyside. more...
  • The station also used to have its own brick-built waiting room, situated on the Bidston-bound platform.
  • There was once a substantial station building on the Bidston bound platform.
  • All services that operate from Wrexham Central to Bidston also run through this station.
  • Access to the yard was operated by a small signal box, which was situated at the southern end of the Bidston-bound platform.
  • A purpose-built science block on Bidston Road was built in 1958, and has since been expanded.
  • Also listed is Bidston Hall and associated structures.
  • Bus interchange is available from the stop on Ladies Walk adjacent the Bidston bound platform.
  • The building was somewhat south of the running lines, halfway between Bidston and Birkenhead North stations.
  • The nearest car park is at Bidston station.
  • The bridge was replaced again in 1926 and provided access to Bidston Dock.
  • Bidston Hill is of heathland and woodland that contains historic buildings and ancient rock carvings.
  • Bidston originated as a village, and later became absorbed by the growth of Birkenhead.
  • The station has always been primarily a transfer point between trains, relatively isolated from everywhere, by foot, except Bidston Village, which remains the position today.
  • With a peak of, Bidston Hill is one of the highest points on the Wirral.
  • She worked at the Isolation Hospital in Bidston for three years to begin her training, and then took a job at Northern Hospital.
  • However it was subsequently cut back to start and terminate at Bidston in October 1978 and this remains the situation today.
  • A retail and leisure quarter at the former Bidston Dock site would encompass another of space.
  • The bedrock is not usually visible, as it is on the nearby Bidston Hill.
  • The site chosen was Flaybrick Hill, a prominent location overlooked by Bidston Hill.
  • There is a ticket office on the Bidston-bound platform.
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