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  • Info Biding is a commune in the Moselle department in Lorraine in northeastern France.
  • Apparently he had been biding his time until the latter should show himself. Cited from The Boy Allies with Uncle Sams Cruisers, R. Drake
  • This bill was joined to the other three which were biding their time. Cited from Public Lands and Agrarian Laws of the Roman Republic, Andrew Stephenson
  • But because he had been well trained he went through it well -- biding his time. Cited from For Love of Country, by Cyrus Townsend Brady
  • And then that too passed away; and he sat quiet, biding his opportunity. Cited from Weir of Hermiston, by R. L. Stevenson
  • How many different little biding-places there are in the world! Cited from A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life, by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  • They are biding their time for something, not yet fully developed. Cited from Slavery and Four Years of War, Vol. 1-2, by Joseph Warren Keifer
  • The girl was biding her time; the man had nothing to voice. Cited from The Man on the Box, by Harold MacGrath
  • There's no need for thy biding, as far as I can tell. Cited from Half a Life-time Ago, by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • I know not when I shall speak; I am biding my day. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • Yet we knew that there were plenty of living men only biding their time and waiting their opportunity. Cited from Indiscreet Letters From Peking, by B. L. Putman Weale
  • Give me your hand, I'll lead you to some biding. Cited from King Lear, by William Shakespeare
  • She had been biding the time when she should have this excuse for going there. Cited from Ramona, by Helen Hunt Jackson
  • Down at home here biding with his own folk a bit. Cited from The Dynasts, by Thomas Hardy
  • They are biding the hard time out wonderfully well, and they will do so to the end. Cited from Home-Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine, Waugh
  • Their biding-place was far from being a safe one. Cited from The Young Engineers in Mexico, by H. Irving Hancock
  • I fear that he is only biding his time. Cited from The Governors, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • When the mutiny broke out, it proved that he was only biding his time. Cited from In Times of Peril, by G. A. Henty
  • Other than that, the bourgeoisie lay low, biding its hour-which could not far off. Cited from Ten Days That Shook the World, by John Reed
  • She had a feeling that he was biding his time. Cited from The Obstacle Race, by Ethel M. Dell
  • There was little ceremony in this quiet court, and no waiting ladies were biding her return outside. Cited from A King's Comrade, by Charles Whistler
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Root form of biding is bid for the verb.

Meaning of biding

  • verb Ask for or request earnestly
    The prophet bid all people to become good persons
  • verb Make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands
    He called his trump
  • verb Make a serious effort to attain something
    His campaign bid for the attention of the poor population