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  • Biden was also hurt by his never having been a player in the Washington social scene.
  • Biden's campaign had virtually no money and was given no chance of winning.
  • Biden would later drop out of the race before the South Carolina primary would take place.
  • Biden would credit her with renewing his interest in both politics and life.
  • Biden was a long-time member and former chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.
  • Biden had thought about running for president again ever since his failed 1988 bid.
  • Because Biden was past the cut-off age for the program he needed a waiver.
  • He also served on Vice President Biden's task force on gun violence.
  • He has admitted that the chairman in the book is based on Joe Biden.
  • Joe Biden was the first customer served at the store's grand opening.
  • A few days later, Biden's plagiarism incident in law school came to public light.
  • Biden denied he had ever made this statement or any similar statements.
  • Biden had remained low in the opinion polls when compared to other candidates.
  • Palin spoke in greatest depth about energy policy while Biden spoke in greatest depth about foreign affairs.
  • Yet, at the same time, Mr. Biden is personally held in high regard.
  • Regarding foreign policy, during his first decade in the Senate, Biden focused on arms control issues.
  • Biden said he believed that life began at conception but that he would not impose his personal religious views on others.
  • Biden received a second waiver because of a past drug-related incident.
  • Biden sent a follow-up letter to the White House asking for an explanation on the matter.
  • Biden held the book up for Thomas to see and denounced its contents.
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