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  • Indeed, she would dress her head or cut it off if he had bidden her. Cited from Boys and Girls from Thackeray, by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
  • They began to be afraid of you, and he bade them leave at once. Cited from The Trail of '98, by Robert W. Service
  • The player who won the bid gets to play the first card.
  • Ten days ago I had not been my own master to follow him when he bade me. Cited from Sir Ludar, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • She shook the black woman by the arm and bade her bring food. Cited from Before the Dawn, by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
  • The player that bids the most for a given country plays that country.
  • His countess bade me pay no attention when he said things of that kind. Cited from Europe--Whither Bound?, by Stephen Graham
  • Some of us got back to the hall, and the rest bided where they fell. Cited from A Sea Queen's Sailing, by Charles Whistler
  • He knew the hour would come when he could carry it out, and he bided his time. Cited from A Dutch Boy Fifty Years After, by Edward Bok
  • Then, turning to the two young men, he bade them go on. Cited from A Dash from Diamond City, by George Manville Fenn
  • The other teams have to hope for an at-large bid.
  • Communities throughout the state offered their facilities and money to bid for the location of the new college.
  • In that situation, it becomes far more important for each player to bid his hand as high as possible.
  • Those who failed to feel the difference were not always bidden a second time. Cited from On the Stairs, by Henry B. Fuller
  • I bade her turn them into prayers, but she did not understand me. Cited from Nearly Lost but Dearly Won, by Theodore P. Wilson
  • Many people made bids to buy the building, two of whom were friends.
  • With that he bade the girl follow him into the river. Cited from Folk-Lore and Legends: North American Indian, by Anonymous
  • The father left the girl as he was bidden, and returned to his home. Cited from Childhood's Favorites and Fairy Stories, by Various
  • The boy did as he was bidden, and soon appeared at the back door. Cited from Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys, by Various
  • Players simply voice their bids, and talking during games is allowed in a general sense.
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Meaning of bid

  • noun An attempt to get something
    they made a futile play for power, he made a bid to gain attention
  • noun A formal proposal to buy at a specified price
  • noun (bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make
  • verb Ask for or request earnestly
    The prophet bid all people to become good persons
  • verb Make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands
    He called his trump
  • verb Make a serious effort to attain something
    His campaign bid for the attention of the poor population