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  • Some say it is still biblically binding, as it has always been.
  • This is supported biblically, in that God's love for each human being is unique to that person.
  • The church features modern worship music alongside a Biblically-based spoken message during a typical weekend service.
  • Anything not biblically given (and believed as such) does not qualify as real knowledge of God.
  • He had spent his days in what might be termed, biblically, riotous living. Cited from The Gay Cockade, by Temple Bailey
  • The fact that these fundamentals are biblically based has added to their strength and ability to endure.
  • The school's stated mission is to equip the next generation of Christian leaders to think and live biblically.
  • Biblically, the Spirit lives and works inside each Christian, as well as works inside those who are in the process of coming to faith.
  • It was not about being politically correct; for me, it was about being biblically correct.
  • Biblically sanctioned executions may be performed, though they are not performed today.
  • This marked a sharp break from the Biblically-themed stories that had made up his oeuvre thus far.
  • Biblically, the town features in two of the three Wife-sister narratives in Genesis.
  • She is able to combine biblically based lyrics with infectious dance tracks such that the appeal is quite diverse.
  • She wrote Biblically based introductions to astronomy and ancient history so that children would have Christian textbooks.
  • Christians today hold three competing views as to what is the biblically ordained relationship between husbands and wives.
  • Christian churches, Churches of Christ and other Biblically sound churches have faithful Christians in them.
  • This program strives to provide biblically integrated curriculum as well as challenging, up-to-date education.
  • Those within this group see Divine Providence and Biblically required responsibility acting via man's free will as working complementarily.
  • They also add a religious portion Biblically Speaking hosted by Bro.
  • Branham's view Biblically a horse is a beast of war and its colour represents its objective.
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