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  • Info Biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. more...
  • Biathlon has become one of the most popular winter sports in Germany in recent years.
  • He represented his school and province (state) at both field hockey and biathlon.
  • She is second most successful woman of all time at Biathlon World Championships.
  • The biathlon and cross-country skiing events took place in what is now the state park.
  • The cross-country stadium is long, while the biathlon stadium is long.
  • There is also a permanent Biathlon range which can be used daily.
  • His host parents were able to arrange for him to trade with a local biathlon club.
  • All the events during this championships will also count for the Biathlon World Cup season.
  • It was through the swimming club that she was asked to try a local Biathlon.
  • Permanent buildings include a finishing house for biathlon, a finishing house for cross-country, a plant room.
  • Permanent buildings include a finishing house for biathlon, a finishing house for cross-country and a plant room.
  • During his career he won two gold medals at the Biathlon World Championships.
  • She has claimed at least two wins in each discipline of biathlon.
  • For the Olympics, of cross-country tracks and of biathlon tracks were built.
  • France has enjoyed great success in Biathlon in recent years.
  • Zone competitions are occasionally, due to lack of snow in some southern areas, held as summer biathlon.
  • Biathlon used trails similar to cross-country skiing though a separate finish area was used.
  • All events during the championships also counted for the Biathlon World Cup season.
  • Since 1995 she runs the Biathlon sport and has since also the national team.
  • Her decision to switch to biathlon proved to be a good one.
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