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  • Biasi was born into an Italian family which had long settled in Russia.
  • Biasi was initially educated in at the drama school in Odessa and appeared on the stage as a child.
  • He scored his first official goal in this decisive match which he dedicated to his coach and the national coach Gianni De Biasi.
  • During this time Biasi was deputy to the commander of the Caucasus Front and led a special mountain warfare school.
  • From 1922 Biasi developed a career in military education.
  • Cairo immediately called to the head of the team coach Gianni De Biasi and formed the first embryo of the football club.
  • Tia Biasi served as director of development, having previously worked at Grace Church School (NY).
  • Jean-Louis de Biasi is a French philosopher, lecturer, and author.
  • Eddie Biasi, now divorced from Yvonne, can only get a job as a taxi driver.
  • De Biasi retired from active football in 1990, after a Serie D season with Bassano.
  • On the other hand Albania's coach, Gianni de Biasi, declared that Sulejmani is in his plans.
  • Jean-Louis de Biasi, an author and philosopher born in Southern France, has been involved in the Mystery Traditions for the past forty years.
  • As an author, Jean-Louis de Biasi has written in French about the fields of Freemasonry, ancient religions, and rituals.
  • While pursuing classical studies in accordance with his family's wishes, Biasi became well known in his hometown for caricatures published in local humorous journals when he was still very young.
  • However, a six-game losing streak cost Zaccheroni his job and De Biasi was reinstated, who achieved salvation on the penultimate day of the season.
  • He was called up by Gianni De Biasi for a friendly against Armenia in August 2013 but did not feature in the game.
  • In summer 2012, Meha expressed his desire to play for Albania and he has been in contact with national coach Gianni de Biasi.
  • Under De Biasi, Torino obtained immediate Serie A promotion, after having defeated Mantova on play-offs.
  • Along with and the musician Marco De Biasi, he funded art movement "Sin E" and launched a discography production related to his works.
  • The news was confirmed by Djimsiti himself, who explained that he had been contacted by the Albanian coach, Gianni de Biasi.
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