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  • Info Bias is an inclination of temperament or outlook to present or hold a partial perspective, often accompanied by a refusal to even consider the possible merits of alternative points of view. more...
  • No man has ever yet written a living history without being biassed. Cited from The Reign of Henry the Eighth, Volume 1 (of 3), by James Anthony Froude
  • The site is well known for its bias towards the open source software movement.
  • Here he received the bias towards, and gathered material for, his future works.
  • Further development of methods to deal with biases will be of particular use.
  • In many cases, they hold that this bias is political in nature.
  • Members have a duty to act in the best interests of the company without personal bias.
  • It has also been argued that civil society is biased towards the global north.
  • Biases associated with using operating staff for data collection have been observed in many organizations.
  • And now she has given up trying to make impossible biases, she has such a quantity of time! Cited from Real Folks, by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  • One who knows only languages of a single family can give but a biassed answer to this question. Cited from The Life of Reason, by George Santayana
  • All of these changes can introduce biases into the stations' long term records.
  • Perhaps you will think that my first objection does show that I am too much biassed. Cited from Letters of Horace Walpole, V4,Horace Walpole
  • Research shows that people still exhibit the bias even when they are informed about it.
  • Their thoughts and philosophy will be biased to the culture of the language.
  • We don't have any biases as far as music is concerned.
  • If the people who do not answer have different opinions then there is bias in the results.
  • Attentional biases can also influence what information people are likely to focus upon.
  • Some of the most common sources of bias are listed below.
  • We must come out of it at the earliest and be prepared to think free of western biases.
  • In Europe, as well, the question of his anti-Catholic bias was raised.
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Meaning of bias

  • noun A partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation
  • verb Influence in an unfair way
    you are biasing my choice by telling me yours
  • verb Cause to be biased