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  • Info "Beta" is commonly used to describe a computer software or game that is near completion.
  • However, this feature never made it beyond the game's beta stage.
  • Many of the non-development teams released betas and release candidates of side projects during this time.
  • At least three beta versions of Windows ME were available during its development phase.
  • Double beta decay is difficult to study, as the process has an extremely long half-life.
  • The beta distribution has an important application in the theory of order statistics.
  • The women are excited to party with the college-age Betas, and they dance the night away.
  • Energy-producing companies, on the other hand, should generally have neutral-to-positive betas.
  • Beta level cities are important world cities that are instrumental in linking their region or state into the world economy.
  • The browser was easily the most advanced available and so was an instant success, becoming market leader while still in beta.
  • Versions of the software, known as beta versions, are released to a limited audience outside of the programming team.
  • Thus, humans must be other biological machines created by a life form just as the BETA are.
  • There have been four versions of the game produced, which fall into two major groups with a fifth currently in the beta testing phase.
  • This step can be repeated by additional beta conversions until there are no more applications left to reduce.
  • Some of the beta radiation is absorbed while passing through the product.
  • Alternatively, non-equality tests may be performed in the beta network described below.
  • For all odd mass numbers, there is only one known beta-stable isobar.
  • However, since its launch, the trip planner has remained in beta mode.
  • The primary function of a beta cell is to store and release insulin.
  • It is considered a "beta-" world city, one of three Central American cities listed in this category.
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  • noun The 2nd letter of the greek alphabet
  • noun Beets