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  • Should not every body that has any thing to bequeath make their will? Cited from Clarissa, Vol. 8 (of 9), by Samuel Richardson
  • I bequeath him to you who already have done so much for him. Cited from The Lion's Skin, by Rafael Sabatini
  • In no two lives does love play the same part or bequeath the same record. Cited from The Parisians, by E. B. Lytton, Book 1
  • Later that year, upon his death, he bequeathed it his library and rock collection.
  • The sun bequeaths it's light so that we may see the world around us.
  • What special rights to bequeath property are given in some states? Cited from The Government Class Book, by Andrew W. Young
  • He bequeathed it to his wife, and she in turn passed it on to their children.
  • Each clan also has areas of land bequeathed by the emperor under their control.
  • We can bequeath to others this new spiritual energy of our lives. Cited from The Warriors, by Lindsay, Anna Robertson Brown
  • Upon his death, his entire estate was bequeathed to his wife.
  • He bequeathed a large sum of money for its construction which was carried out by his son.
  • Why he did not bequeath it to some institution, I do not know. Cited from The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont, by Robert Barr
  • Eight years later he allowed persons to bequeath property to Christian institutions and churches. Cited from Beacon Lights of History, Volume IV, by John Lord
  • Like other men, I bequeath what I would take with me if I could. Cited from Melchior's Dream and Other Tales, by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  • Part of his original holding is now a reserve and memorial park bequeathed on their farm.
  • He later bequeathed the property to the state for use as an agricultural college to be named after him.
  • When my father dies, he may possibly bequeath his property to me. Cited from Rhoda Fleming by George Meredith, v4
  • He also supported the establishment of the college's library, to which he bequeathed his personal library.
  • Upon his death he bequeathed all his property to a Finnish cultural foundation in his will.
  • But you may be called on for a great deal, so I bequeath you my charity. Cited from Bressant, by Julian Hawthorne
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Meaning of bequeath

  • verb Leave or give by will after one's death
    My aunt bequeathed me all her jewelry, My grandfather left me his entire estate