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  • Many of the products showed large variations in the amount of benzene they contained.
  • The benzene level recorded was at one point 108 times above national safety levels.
  • Heat, light and shelf life can increase the rate at which benzene is formed.
  • If you want illuminating gas you will leave in it the benzene. Cited from Creative Chemistry, by Edwin E. Slosson
  • Air around hazardous waste sites or gas stations may contain higher levels of benzene.
  • It found that four contained benzene levels above World Health Organization limits.
  • The white gas sold today is a similar product but is produced at refineries with the benzene removed.
  • The benzene level stayed under national safety level.
  • The mixture is gradually introduced into the large cast-iron cylinder into which the benzene has been poured. Cited from The Story of a Piece of Coal, by Edward A. Martin
  • However, because benzene has been discovered to be a carcinogenic compound, its use has declined.
  • Various authorities have set limits on benzene content in drinking water.
  • This simple model can be used to find approximate energy levels of some ring molecules, such as benzene.
  • Loschmidt also suggested a possible formula for benzene, but left the issue open.
  • Although the source of the benzene has been fixed, levels still remain above the EPA standard for drinking water.
  • Unlike benzene, cyclohexane is not easily obtained from natural resources such as coal.
  • Six atoms of carbon and six of hydrogen put together in a certain way make benzene. Cited from Recent Developments in European Thought, by Various
  • Daily personal exposure to benzene is determined by adding exposure from all sources.
  • Later, the company developed a process involving butane rather than benzene.
  • Earlier, residents were asked to evacuated affected areas after benzene levels in the area reached unhealthy levels.
  • Benzene has been shown to cause cancer in both sexes of multiple species of laboratory animals exposed via various routes.
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Meaning of benzene

  • noun A colorless liquid hydrocarbon; highly inflammable; carcinogenic; the simplest of the aromatic compounds