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  • They are benevolent and their particular care is that of the people who live on earth.
  • She was also a member of various other bodies of a religious or benevolent character.
  • For a time, this first contact is made by a benevolent species.
  • He is a benevolent figure who is called upon for protection against various calamities.
  • It is the story of a benevolent man who does not know he has multiple personalities.
  • The last years of his rule were just and even benevolent, if somewhat autocratic.
  • Though the master is always the benevolent father-figure, he can be very strict when it comes to the training.
  • Neither are they the benevolent, seeking to help mankind with their advanced knowledge.
  • The Jewish women benevolent organizations ceased to exist when all their members died, married or moved to other cities.
  • He came down from there to the devotee and showed his benevolent love.
  • Some consumption may be seen as more benevolent (to the economy) than others.
  • Every benevolent and scientific interest in the town owed much to him.
  • People around him described him as an articulate, bright, benevolent and kind King.
  • Many benevolent institutions were established at the chapel or in the nearby district, including early Sunday schools.
  • In private life, he was among the first to promote useful and benevolent societies.
  • Perhaps some benevolent piper took the young orphan under his wing and taught him to play.
  • It was proposed that the organization go by the name Benevolent Society and with no opposition the vote carried.
  • He has gained fame around the world as a quintessential example of a benevolent national founder.
  • I don't believe in people who collect money for benevolent purposes and don't charge for it.
  • He was vice-president of the Washington Benevolent Society, of which he was an original member.
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Meaning of benevolent

  • adjective Intending or showing kindness
    a benevolent society