beneficiary of

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  • One of the main beneficiaries of the policy has been the national team.
  • The military was also a beneficiary of the new economic and social conditions.
  • UK residents would then be beneficiaries of this trust without being members of the partnership.
  • The House had long been a beneficiary of many notable events.
  • While the beneficiaries of the two laws are identical, its object and purpose are different.
  • She helped found the University's women's college, which was a beneficiary of her will.
  • In fact, he is the direct beneficiary of their work.
  • India has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the economic boom.
  • Being also released through Columbia, the film was the beneficiary of a marketing campaign.
  • He subsequently fell on hard times and was the beneficiary of three testimonial matches.
  • The Trust has been the beneficiary of numerous donations of both property and money.
  • The survey also showed that the beneficiaries of the land grab through the act cut across all party lines.
  • Since then, this railroad has become the chief beneficiary of the art of telephony. Cited from The History of the Telephone, by Herbert N. Casson
  • I am one of the beneficiaries of those facilities.
  • As a senior professional she was the beneficiary of two US Government Educational Programs.
  • They summed up both what had to be done and who would be the primary beneficiaries of the revolution. Cited from The French Revolution V2, by Hippolyte Taine OCFV3
  • While intended for women, husbands in the family often end up being the sole beneficiaries of the capital.
  • The beneficiaries of this trust are the boys who attend the School.
  • He may have been the beneficiary of a trend already in progress.
  • They also find that a group of Joe's old friends also want him dead as they are the beneficiaries of his will.
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