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  • Each research center has been equipped with the most modern infrastructure benchmarked against international research institutions worldwide.
  • Ratios generally are not useful unless they are benchmarked against something else, like past performance or another company.
  • Assessment was expected to allow research groups to be benchmarked against national and international standards across discipline areas.
  • This standard should be established nationally and benchmarked to the highest in the world.
  • All data is shown annually, benchmarked against prior years.
  • Iquitos has been benchmarked over the years in literature and film.
  • Specially so, if these are benchmarked against those of our neighbor and competitor countries.
  • At EIILM University, academic programs are benchmarked against the best academic and professional standards.
  • Band Equity compares artists with similar styles, so their progress can be benchmarked.
  • The following year was benchmarked by winning new strategic borders.
  • One benefit of this can be to enable the quality of service to be benchmarked with that agreed to across multiple locations or between different business units.
  • By use of a simulation based performance and real-time analysis, different task allocation alternatives are benchmarked against each other.
  • These new globally benchmarked cities aim would be superior to the existing cities in terms of infrastructure, planning, city management and services.
  • India is benchmarked to be the next superpower that held a steady growth rate during the recent recession.
  • E.Land's Knowledge Management network is superior to that of many leading global companies and therefore is constantly benchmarked by others.
  • This bold move was aimed at raising the stakes for good design once again, allowing Australian design to be benchmarked against the best in the world.
  • His 2004 report found that the leadership and management of the college were outstanding and he benchmarked the college against the best colleges in England.
  • Secondary-structure prediction methods are continuously benchmarked, e.g., in the experiment.
  • They also benchmarked on computer-aided instruction at LEAD (Learning Advantage).
  • The car was close in size to the Horch 8 which had effectively been benchmarked for its design.
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