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  • As of this writing, no other company achieved much more than half of this benchmark.
  • A higher education institution needs quality benchmarks in its key performance areas.
  • They serve as benchmarks to improve the quality of life in each city.
  • It is regarded as the benchmark for business school quality among the academic community.
  • These data are used to establish benchmarks for quality and production control.
  • Puyi saw marriage as his coming of age benchmark, when others would no longer control him.
  • The subsequent series against South Africa would provide more of a benchmark for the team.
  • In the world of technology, it is important to stay up to date on all the current benchmarks.
  • The game won multiple industry awards and became regarded as one of the benchmark strategy video games.
  • Current benchmarks can be found in this article in the #performance comparison section.
  • Why should one be honored when he or she has not achieved the benchmark for the award?
  • This school of thought set benchmarks for academic research and education in Poland.
  • Commonly used computer-generated benchmarks start with a network of well-defined communities.
  • Students who perform below district benchmarks receive extra help to avoid their falling behind or failing.
  • The film marked a historic benchmark in the film industry in India.
  • In keeping with this philosophy of personal development providing its own benchmarks, class rank is not provided.
  • When you cannot pick a favorite you know the benchmark has been set consistently high.
  • Therefore, it is important to benchmark the performance of designs under alternative models.
  • The album was benchmark in the development of a US electronic dance music.
  • We should take this with some caution because we don't have anything to benchmark with.
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Meaning of benchmark

  • noun A standard by which something can be measured or judged
    his painting sets the benchmark of quality
  • noun A surveyor's mark on a permanent object of predetermined position and elevation used as a reference point