bench press

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  • Each athlete was allowed three attempts to bench press as much weight as possible.
  • Brian started lifting in high school, mainly just training the bench press and upper body.
  • Overall, the exercise where the most significant improvements were observed is the bench press.
  • At the age of six Richard was maxing out at on standard bench-press.
  • This is most common in the bench press.
  • Typically a bench press event is followed by a 5K running event.
  • During his appearances he tells his story of how he became the bench press champion and performs feats of strength.
  • He therefore began concentrating on other strength sports such as bench pressing and grip strength.
  • He is known to be the first man in history to bench press over 700 pounds in competition.
  • He began competition in high school and quickly jumped into the national rankings in bench press and the dead lift.
  • At the time of his death he still holds the second highest bench press with a 782 pound press.
  • Being on a flat bench and raising the arms straight up as in the top of a bench press is a reference point.
  • This is sometimes jocularly referred to as the "two man bench press".
  • He was in the top three of every drill he participated in and fifth in bench press reps.
  • Despite his size, he is reportedly able to bench press 315 pounds.
  • When they first began working together Agassi could bench press 135 pounds.
  • He also possesses good upper body strength, with the ability to bench press 155 kg.
  • He also held the all-time world record in the raw bench press, regardless of weight class with for 8 years.
  • IPF rules also mandate a "start" command at the beginning of the bench press.
  • In his rookie season, it was said that he was able to bench press 675 pounds.
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