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  • He also spent all but the last two years of his career on the front bench.
  • There is a low bench along the south east edge of the city.
  • He served out his career in public office on the bench.
  • During the process, she did not miss a day on the bench.
  • Her death took place while he was sitting on a bench by the canal.
  • He played four minutes before being benched the rest of the game.
  • She can be seen reading the book on a park bench during a later scene in the movie.
  • However, the following season he would be benched, only seeing action in two games.
  • In addition, more people generally sit on each bench than would be the case in more-developed countries.
  • Still, he won his first German championship as a bench player.
  • Nevertheless, after a few years, he became a master of the bench.
  • He mostly benched and made just two league appearances in two seasons.
  • Each team consists of seven players on court and seven substitute players on the bench.
  • However, he was named player-coach late in the season, moving to the bench full-time after the season.
  • This section of the ground has a small number of wooden benches at ground-level.
  • Shortly after the election, he left the government benches to sit as an independent.
  • At the front of the court, on a raised platform, is a large bench.
  • Bench led off the inning with a double down the right field line.
  • He scored only one goal for the team and was benched most of the times in his first season.
  • He claimed after the match that being benched was a learning experience.
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Meaning of bench

  • noun A long seat for more than one person
  • noun The magistrate or judge or judges sitting in court in judicial capacity to compose the court collectively
  • noun The reserve players on a team
    our team has a strong bench
  • noun (law) the seat for judges in a courtroom
  • verb Take out of a game; of players
  • verb Exhibit on a bench
    bench the poodles at the dog show