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  • Recently there has been a new football facility added to further advance the beloved football team.
  • I do not want to tell her -- even the belovedest woman that ever lived. Cited from Robin, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • I'll give up a king's crown, if my beloved is happy.
  • However, the lines originally referred to the death of the poet's beloved friend.
  • Her character was a young girl, training her beloved horse to win the Grand National.
  • They all head out across America in search for their beloved Big Bird.
  • Soon after, she lost two other beloved brothers, and a long engagement was broken off.
  • Her song, the title theme of the show, became one of her most beloved and best known songs.
  • He makes one beloved by his foes as well as of his friends.
  • She was named after a beloved uncle, who died young.
  • Beloved by the people, he was widely considered to be the perfect Roman long after his death.
  • He was there when, at fourteen, he suffered the death of his beloved mother.
  • People who knew George said that he never could really come to terms with his beloved friend's death.
  • Washington remained a beloved public figure in the District and was much sought after for his political advice.
  • Her name being a reference to this, meaning simply the beloved.
  • I can say to his beloved fans that they won't see Graham again.
  • He moved back to his beloved California in the early 1960s.
  • In his will, this bachelor called this church his beloved daughter.
  • The band remains "one of the nation's most beloved alternative-rock bands."
  • These may have been scientifically important individuals or simply beloved by the public.
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Meaning of beloved

  • noun A beloved person; used as terms of endearment