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  • Info Generally speaking, a belief is a mental representation of a sentient being's attitude toward the likelihood or truth of something.
  • Family history plays a part in the practice of some religious belief systems.
  • A long-held belief is that there is a big lake inside the mountain.
  • The belief was founded on the idea that the dead could only leave through the way they entered.
  • The resulting belief is likely to be different depending of where people live however.
  • He describes faith as belief without evidence; a process of active non-thinking.
  • He thought the religion and issues associated with it were not just a condition of the belief system.
  • Due to its importance to life, blood is associated with a large number of beliefs.
  • He said that a major help in his recovery was his belief in God.
  • It can be difficult to change the belief, even with evidence to the contrary.
  • Another version of this story can be found in popular belief, mostly in Greece.
  • One long held belief is that it means "river of death".
  • The belief was that agriculture was the key to nation-building and national defense.
  • These are claimed to show that knowledge is not simply justified true belief.
  • Elements of these three belief systems are often incorporated into popular or folk religious traditions.
  • Humans must have evolved or have been created long after then, was the general belief.
  • Nevertheless it will be well to touch on both these beliefs here.
  • They lay the foundation for most of what is known about the thoughts and beliefs of the artist.
  • Many abandoned the belief that the land would be divided and a Jewish state would soon exist.
  • But there is more to it than this; there are four classes that are included in this belief.
  • He lived well past the age of twenty-one, and his belief deepened as a result.
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  • noun Any cognitive content held as true