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  • The district takes its name from a large belfry that once stood in the area.
  • The belfry usually stood just to one side of the main entrance to the church.
  • It features a stone tower with open belfry containing the original school bell.
  • To the right is a small door leading up the tower to the belfry.
  • The old clock work is still in its original wooden case in the belfry.
  • This place is now Castle Park, where we can also see the belfry.
  • For good measure it included a small belfry though whether this was ever used is not known.
  • It is rather small with a church, belfry and two other buildings.
  • The entrance was changed and a small belfry added on the west end of the church.
  • When the camp was closed down, the chapel and belfry were also destroyed.
  • A square belfry stood against the south wall of the building.
  • Above the church there stands a belfry built around half of 18th century.
  • The second stage features the working electric clock and third stage a belfry containing the village bell.
  • The village chapel with a small belfry lies in the southern part of the village.
  • It featured a three story, square bell tower with an open belfry.
  • The east end has a square belfry tower with a bell-shaped roof.
  • The belfry is located at the top of the main entrance on the western side of the building.
  • It features a three-story entrance tower with an open belfry.
  • Belfry has been historically successful in sports, particularly its football program.
  • Several 17th century buildings, including the belfry, can still be seen today in the upper city.
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Meaning of belfry

  • noun A room (often at the top of a tower) where bells are hung