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  • What would she say to me bein' mixed up with a show of that kind? Cited from Shorty McCabe on the Job, by Sewell Ford
  • Did you ever hear me say one word before yesterday about bein' different from any other boy? Cited from Destiny, by Charles Neville Buck
  • It's like bein' away from a place where you want to be. Cited from The Night Horseman, by Max Brand
  • Bein' the only woman-folk in my house, she sort of runs it. Cited from The Mysterious Rider, by Zane Grey
  • But won't I get it when they hear all about me bein' in the water! Cited from Fred Fenton on the Crew, by Allen Chapman
  • She says she never dreamed as no human bein' could hold what that boy can. Cited from Susan Clegg and Her Friend Mrs. Lathrop, by Anne Warner
  • And this, here, comes near enough to bein' 'board ship to cut you out. Cited from The Skipper and the Skipped, by Holman Day
  • Story like this gets better after bein' told a few times. Cited from Copper Streak Trail, by Eugene Manlove Rhodes
  • At first he didn't know how to manage this without bein' found out. Cited from Glen of the High North, by H. A. Cody
  • I never did see any human bein's step up to the mark more prompt. Cited from The Magic Egg and Other Stories, by Stockton
  • From what he said that wasn't much better than bein' owned. Cited from Slave Narratives: Arkansas Narratives, Part 3, by Work Projects Admin.
  • He might think it will spoil me from bein' a captain some day. Cited from Jess of the Rebel Trail, by H. A. Cody
  • Say, you and I come near bein twins do you no that? Cited from Deer Godchild, by Marguerite Bernard and Edith Serrell
  • That's the best of bein' in love; it makes you want to do things. Cited from Poison Island, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (Q)
  • The thing started off all wrong by my not bein unconshus when they brought me in. Cited from "Same old Bill, eh Mable!", by Edward Streeter
  • It wasn't so much your bein' a road agent I got against you. Cited from The Girl of the Golden West, by David Belasco
  • But of course, things bein' as they were, both my mother and father were slaves. Cited from Slave Narratives: Tennessee, by Work Projects Administration
  • I, bein' little, ride de horses in de races at de last. Cited from Slave Narratives: South Carolina, Pt. 2, by Work Projects Admin.
  • She threatened her, and spoke of her father, too, as bein' in it. Cited from The Black Prophet: A Tale Of Irish Famine, by William Carleton
  • Then he would talk to us about bein' good. Cited from Mitch Miller, by Edgar Lee Masters
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