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  • The team conducted four separate experimental and behavioural studies over a seven-year period.
  • The University also has a strong track record in management and behavioural sciences.
  • His interests include political and social change, risk communication and behavioural change.
  • Rather, they are created by the active behavioural choice of at least one of the species in question.
  • Some of its methods are used within other areas of research, especially in the social and behavioural sciences.
  • This study showed that isolated girls would have more behavioural problems than isolated boys.
  • Leadership is a behavioural process, so the leader's actions are more important than their status or name.
  • With community help, the team studied the population's living conditions, including behavioural differences between men and women.
  • Half of the original primary school is now used as a behavioural centre catering to problem students.
  • Women generally live longer than men because of both biological and behavioural advantages - on average by six to eight years.
  • The hospital is also home to the regional behavioural support team for learning disability.
  • Pups will typically develop behavioural abnormalities if raised without another member of their own kind.
  • It is play-based, research-based, and follows a naturalistic social behavioural model.
  • Staff must have a minimum of a master's degree in behavioural sciences.
  • The higher the contiguity between events the greater the strength of the behavioural relationship.
  • However, it may be prone to behavioural problems due to its sensitive nature.
  • Throughout the series, various girls arrive at the school with personal problems, bad attitudes or behavioural issues.
  • In more recent times has come more understanding of the role of theta brain waves in behavioural learning.
  • Another significant behavioural change was the development of material culture, with human-made objects becoming increasingly common and diversified over time.
  • Addressing conduct and behavioural problems in young children is also important.
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