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  • Behaviorally based self-control does better than cognitive self-control training.
  • Conversation is defined as what is happening behaviorally between two or more participants in the communication process.
  • The resulting program is behaviorally equivalent to the original one.
  • Participants were considered behaviorally successful if they had abstained from any type of physical homosexual contact in the past year.
  • Typically Greek myths contain female characters, however they are never the principal character and males are behaviorally more dominant.
  • While this ability has been verified behaviorally, the specific neural circuits involved have not yet been determined.
  • Behaviorally speaking, burning money is usually a purely negative act.
  • Although they are fertile, back-crossing in nature is behaviorally problematic and very little natural reproduction occurs.
  • Nevertheless, they are still behaviorally active and will contribute to the effects that such drugs elicit in their users.
  • It has also been found that talkaholics are never behaviorally shy.
  • He considers those with strong self-control simply more "long-term behaviorally-oriented" or "far-sighted."
  • In addition, behaviorally-based early intervention programs have shown effectiveness.
  • The stronger link with fear reactions comes mainly from those children who were non-socially behaviorally inhibited.
  • It is recommended to give all bears a wide berth because they are behaviorally unpredictable.
  • This article is concerned with human prehistory, or the time since behaviorally and anatomically modern humans first appear until the beginning of recorded history.
  • There is also evidence that sidestream smoke causes negative effects in children, both behaviorally and cognitively.
  • In one experiment, participants were asked to rate themselves as behaviorally inhibited or not.
  • The only time an animal will be euthanized is if it is determined to be suffering medically or behaviorally.
  • Individuals who are behaviorally inhibited are more likely to experience feelings of stress and anxiety when faced with a particularly threatening situation.
  • Behaviorally, they lie on the extreme end of the paraphilic continuum since they cannot form normal romantic relationships with other individuals.
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