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  • On leaving school she begged her father to let her train for the stage.
  • I beg of you, let us love one another enough to do it now.
  • They had to run to him and beg his help, which he gave.
  • She first went to her brother, whom she had begged for peace.
  • She then goes home and begs her mother to help her find a new situation.
  • Her husband loved her and begged her to run away towards the river for safety.
  • He would go door to door to beg for money to support the institutions.
  • He begged them to let him sing a last song before killing himself.
  • He begged them not to take steps that would lead to a break between the countries.
  • The old woman begged some food from him, since he could eat at the castle.
  • The man comes to her house after the marriage, either begging or to see her.
  • She forces them to beg in the streets and takes their money.
  • With both giving begging calls, they approach until they are side by side.
  • Before long, he had used up all his money and was forced to beg in the street.
  • George runs back to the bridge and begs to be allowed to live again.
  • This is a simple question and beg those from my city not to give it away.
  • Letters from his mother back home beg for him to return.
  • The princess knew he was not her husband and begged him to find the prince.
  • She begs him not to sell the house and tells him her life story.
  • The little man begged Tom to help free him from the stone.
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Meaning of beg

  • verb Call upon in supplication; entreat
    I beg you to stop!
  • verb Ask to obtain free
    beg money and food
  • verb Dodge, avoid answering, or take for granted
    beg the question, beg the point in the discussion