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  • An original idea is one not thought up by another person beforehand.
  • Beforehand, she tried to send word to her mother of her plans.
  • The places where ice may fall can always be determined beforehand.
  • In many cases, the destruction of a village had been decided upon beforehand.
  • For this question, I decided to research things about which I knew nothing beforehand.
  • They had not been in communication beforehand and each knew nothing about the other's research.
  • All other rules should be agreed upon beforehand by the players.
  • They had wanted to work together for two years beforehand.
  • Eventually, she died, but beforehand, she told him he must find something worth protecting.
  • A common case is that is not well known beforehand, but some rough value can be given.
  • I think she never really thought it through beforehand.
  • It could also be awarded beforehand to those showing worthy conduct while engaged in action.
  • She has claimed that she did not initially take the race seriously and did not have any special training beforehand.
  • Information about not eating or drinking anything beforehand will be gone over as well.
  • But it is more difficult if the stones played beforehand are heavy and solid.
  • It is unknown whether this incident had been planned beforehand to make a point or not.
  • One bullet passed through a chair where a child had been sitting seconds beforehand.
  • A public hearing is then held, with a defined method of public notice beforehand.
  • The road serving the station had been here for many years beforehand, since the building of the tunnel.
  • It allows the user to control their computer with natural speech, without having to train the computer beforehand.
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