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  • Info The Coleoptera order of insects is commonly called beetles.
  • The beetle is about long and, despite the name, is actually black in color.
  • All beetles are similar and yet different and unique works of art.
  • Still, some believe this family of beetles was named for its physical characteristics.
  • Players can win with only one beetle if they are skillful enough.
  • Water beetles rise to the water surface and take air into their tracheal systems.
  • One year may see two or three generations of the beetle.
  • Some of these beetles have white eyes, others have red.
  • Current legislation is in place to help with the growing beetle problem.
  • I stared at the future, and saw a big decision beetling before me. Cited from Montlivet, by Alice Prescott Smith
  • In the most popular game, two different male beetles are placed on a log.
  • Adult beetles which emerged from the wood may also be found in the summer months.
  • In addition, an adult black carpet beetle can live for an additional two months.
  • Mass production of the car, which later became known as the Beetle, began after the end of the war.
  • This means the tree is dying or dead, and the beetles have moved to another tree.
  • Once a player's beetle is defeated, the remaining beetle takes over to continue.
  • Rhinoceros beetles could play a big part in the next generation of aircraft design.
  • This screen test is being used to trial the concept of a Blue Beetle television series.
  • The fight was broken up by the Blue Beetle, leaving no clear victor.
  • With beetles, it is rare for one to die during a fight.
  • He was like a beetling mountain, always hanging over my head. Cited from The Woman Thou Gavest Me, by Hall Caine
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Synonyms of beetle

Meaning of beetle

  • noun Insect having biting mouthparts and front wings modified to form horny covers overlying the membranous rear wings
  • verb Fly or go in a manner resembling a beetle
    He beetled up the staircase, They beetled off home
  • verb Beat with a beetle