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  • We had something over a thousand beeves while he had less than eight hundred. Cited from A Texas Matchmaker, by Andy Adams
  • Evidently the beef round-up had gone more slowly than was expected. Cited from The Ramblin' Kid, by Earl Wayland Bowman
  • More recently, the county has led the state in beef cattle production.
  • The beef industry today is highly dependent upon technology, but this has not always been true.
  • To answer everyone's question, let me start by saying that there is no beef.
  • A second round-up was required to complete the train-load of beeves. Cited from Wells Brothers, The Young Cattle Kings, by Andy Adams
  • I must tell you that this is to be a great market for these Western Beeves. Cited from The Girl at the Halfway House, by Emerson Hough
  • Only in the latter part of the 20th century has beef become regular table fare.
  • Beeves came back with the message that his mistress would join me in a few minutes. Cited from Adela Cathcart, Vol. 1, by George MacDonald
  • All of which does indicate that, for all his beefs, he was happy then.
  • Early in the morning he made a charge upon a party who were killing beeves at the camp near that place. Cited from Life of Francis Marion #3, by William Dobein James
  • These beeves are generally of good size, and in fair condition. Cited from What I Saw in California, by Edwin Bryant
  • It was known to produce beef animals that had more red meat and less fat.
  • Until this time, milk and beef had been produced from dual-purpose animals.
  • Now, the cow is too rare to become a popular type of beef.
  • In the hall she met Beeves, and told him the story. Cited from Adela Cathcart, Vol. 3, by George MacDonald
  • The busy work of spring was over, that of the fall, or beef round-up, not yet come. Cited from Lin McLean, by Owen Wister
  • But he insists that he has no beef with either of them.
  • I'm here to move these beeves along to the Fort. Cited from A Man Four-Square, by William MacLeod Raine
  • Beef cattle were on the property until the early 1970s after which all farming operations ended.
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Meaning of beef

  • noun Cattle that are reared for their meat
  • noun Meat from an adult domestic bovine