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  • Members hold all resources in common except for the personal items they keep in their bedrooms.
  • He set up the kit in his bedroom and his parents gave him certain times to practice.
  • She takes him to her own home rather than a hospital, putting him in the guest bedroom.
  • The second story contained a large sitting room and five additional bedrooms.
  • The town still serves as a bedroom community for local industry.
  • These properties range in size from two- to seven-bedroom houses.
  • During this time, the city was more of a bedroom community.
  • The picture then goes to the bedrooms where there are nine new people passed out on the floor.
  • A student will share his (or her) bedrooms with one or two other students.
  • The two main bedrooms are on the second story, at either end of a narrow hall.
  • There are a number of bedrooms at the club for out-of-town members.
  • The bedroom of the King was on the first floor of this new wing.
  • This color is popular in interior design for painting bedrooms, especially among women.
  • There are more family bedrooms on the second floor facing west and north.
  • The top floor had a small kitchen, a living room and three small bedrooms.
  • Two bedrooms were added as the family grew to seven children.
  • In the early years of the house, the bedrooms were probably fully occupied by children.
  • Other rooms on the first floor are two bedrooms, a study and a family sitting room.
  • Instead of receiving treatment, her father beat her and forced her to stay in her bedroom for six months.
  • On the east wing are three bedrooms for the general's three daughter's.
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Meaning of bedroom

  • noun A room used primarily for sleeping