bedroom house

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  • He and his wife lived in the three bedroom house with their eight children.
  • Three-bedroom houses are the most frequent type of property in the area.
  • The main temple is a single and square building which has the size of a four-bedroom house.
  • He lived in a three bedroom house that at one point housed nearly a hundred people.
  • These properties range in size from two- to seven-bedroom houses.
  • The music room comprised nearly one third of the total area of the two-bedroom house.
  • A three-bedroom house can fetch several thousand dollars for three days.
  • The property includes a four bedroom house, which is now used for occasional guests.
  • He is one of 11 children who grew up in a two-bedroom house.
  • A two-bedroom house with a water view from the living room can cost about $3 million.
  • This money paid for the building of two schools and 16 three-bedroom houses.
  • South dale was originally developed in the late 1940s with two bedroom houses.
  • His family lived in a 5 bedroom house on Chicago's south side.
  • The team members were each promised a 3-bedroom house as an award.
  • The single-storey 3-bedroom house was used mainly by local mother groups and other social activities.
  • Genie's father immediately quit his job and moved his family into the two-bedroom house his mother had been living in.
  • Charles grew up with his father, his mother Ellen, and his two sisters in a one bedroom house that his father built.
  • Three-bedroom houses are most common, with an area of 120 square meters.
  • Their two-bedroom house had no bath and an outside toilet.
  • Development in the area today mostly incorporates low rise structures, consisting of single bedroom houses and apartment blocks.
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