bedroom candlestick

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  • Only his right arm was free from it; in his hand was a silver bedroom candlestick. Cited from The Secret of the Tower, by Hope, Anthony
  • This idiotic axiom seemed to satisfy Arthur, probably because he knew no better, and he rose to take his bedroom candlestick. Cited from One Generation to Another,Henry Seton Merriman
  • As he spoke, he crossed to the sideboard, took up a bedroom candlestick, and lighted it from one that stood on the table. Cited from The Secret of the Tower, by Hope, Anthony
  • Well, having heard enough, and more than I wanted, I stepped off with the tray and next minute out they all come and grab the bedroom candlesticks. Cited from The Ancient Allan, by H. Rider Haggard
  • In one hand she bore a bedroom candlestick; in the other, with the steadiness of a dragoon, a horse-pistol. Cited from St Ives, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • On the mantelpiece, amidst a dozen other articles which had no business there, was a bedroom-candlestick; and every single article of furniture stood crookedly out of its place. Cited from Victorian Short Stories of Troubled Marriages, by Various
  • The gentlemen brought in their spirit-bottles; the housemaid placed divers plated bedroom candlesticks under the card- table; and the servants retired for the night. Cited from Sketches by Boz, pseudonym of Charles
  • The last bedroom candlestick had gone, and temporarily blinded by the sudden darkness, he groped his way up the broad, shallow stairs to the corridor which he knew ultimately led to his room. Cited from From Out the Vasty Deep, by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes
  • Bedroom candlesticks bristle on the distant table by the door, and cousins yawn on ottomans. Cited from Bleak House, by Charles Dickens
  • Not long after, Lancelot conducted him softly down the dark, silent stairs, holding his bedroom candlestick in his hand, for Mrs. Leadbatter always turned out the hall lamp on her way to bed. Cited from Merely Mary Ann, by Israel Zangwill
  • On my own admission I had gone into Mr. Glenthorpe's room in the middle of the night, and had come away leaving him dead in bed, with his blood on my hands, and my bedroom candlestick alight at his bedside. Cited from The Shrieking Pit, by Arthur J. Rees
  • Nita slipped on a night-dress and clutched a bedroom candlestick; Joyce rolled an enormous brown-paper cigar which she pretended to be puffing. Cited from Monitress Merle, by Angela Brazil
  • The party was breaking up; some had retired; others were standing, bedroom candlesticks in their hands, exchanging a last word, when suddenly, out of the silence of the night, the melodious notes of a huntsman's horn echoed through the room. Cited from Stories by English Authors: Ireland, by Various
  • I had exchanged a glance with Mark in which it's possible he read that my pity for him was untinged with contempt, though I scarce know why he should have cared; and as his sister soon afterward got up and took her bedroom candlestick he proposed we should go back to his study. Cited from The Author of Beltraffio, by Henry James
  • Lifting up the bedroom candlestick from the oak chest on which her husband had set it down, she hastened to the larder, then to the kitchen, where she poked up the fire into a bright glow, put a kettle on, and then went back again through the hall to the parlour, to and fro several times. Cited from A Book of Quaker Saints, by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
  • With a cry of terror, I dashed at the alcove, then into the corner, and then into the window, relighting three, as two more vanished by the fireplace; then, perceiving a better way, I dropped the matches on the iron-bound deed-box in the corner, and caught up the bedroom candlestick. Cited from The Country of the Blind, And Other Stories, by H. G. Wells