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  • Info A bedroom is a room where people sleep. more...
  • The town was along the old railway, and the line ran right behind her bedroom.
  • The play takes place in three bedrooms during one night and the following morning.
  • In the bedroom they find the body of a woman who has been dead for several days.
  • So he was moved to the back bedroom, which had a full-size bed.
  • About thirty minutes later, he returned to the bedroom and discovered her body on the floor.
  • She also has her own bedroom and key to the house.
  • Such houses are often smaller and have only two bedrooms in the back.
  • This allowed boys and girls to be given separate bedrooms from each other.
  • Three-bedroom houses are the most frequent type of property in the area.
  • Jack has his own bedroom while the two girls share a second bedroom.
  • When she looked out of her bedroom window she saw a bright object like a massive star.
  • The village developed into a bedroom community as residents sought homes, not industry.
  • These women lived in the home, and their bedrooms were on the third floor.
  • This has opened the city up and helped to establish it as a true bedroom community.
  • The album moved away from the world of "bedroom production" and into professional studio hands.
  • A children's wing of sitting room and three bedrooms were added later.
  • He challenges them to make his single bedroom into a grand house.
  • The residence hall itself is for four people, split up into two double bedrooms.
  • The third floor contains additional bedrooms, and a private study for the prime minister.
  • Women would return to their bedroom many times during the day to change their outfits.
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  • noun A room used primarily for sleeping