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  • Landslides are very common along the river bank as cliff-like bedrocks are well exposed along the river valley wall.
  • The mineral called jarosite which only forms in water was found in all bedrocks.
  • As these bedrocks weather, they become the parent material of the coarse, acidic, red soil found throughout the area.
  • Such works are still the bedrocks of national canons, and usually mandatory elements of high school curricula.
  • Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and distribution are bedrocks of the county's economy.
  • This mental map is built upon two fundamental bedrocks: layout, also known as route knowledge, and landmark orientation.
  • The Convention codifies several bedrocks of contemporary international law.
  • Long discontinued, Bedrocks are still sought after by both tool collectors and woodworkers.
  • Teylers Museum was founded just before the climb took place, and at the time serious progress was being made in the research of bedrocks and minerals.
  • Karst formations are created when limestone bedrocks are, over time, attacked by water through natural precipitation seepage.
  • Fifty years later the book had been translated into 30 languages, and now ranks as one of the bedrocks of Holocaust literature.
  • After new erupted volcanic materials cool down and are buried, the stack of rocks become indurated and form bedrocks.
  • Realize that service (sewa) and prayer (simran) are the only two bedrocks of life.
  • Femi Pedro is widely regarded as one of the bedrocks of the economic revolution which Lagos enjoys today.
  • He argued that the three bedrocks of the Church had always been the scriptures, unbroken tradition, and the apostolic magisterium.
  • Floods from the Ice Age eventually left these bedrocks, as well as others along the Columbia River Gorge exposed at the surface of the Earth.
  • Glaciers also deposited parent materials of the underlying bedrocks, which contribute to the formation of soils later on.
  • Annular patterns form on domes of alternating weak and hard bedrocks.
  • It is found growing on cobble, boulders, bedrocks, barnacles, driftwood and even on different algae species throughout the semi-protected and protected areas.
  • The pattern formed is similar to that of a bullseye when viewed from above, as the weaker bedrocks are eroded and the harder are left in place.
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Root form of bedrocks is bedrock for the noun.

Meaning of bedrocks

  • noun Solid unweathered rock lying beneath surface deposits of soil