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  • The peninsula has been covered by seawater at least seven times since the bedrock formed.
  • He then started the record label Bedrock Records to further promote the music he was playing at the time.
  • Much more rarely the same process can be seen in limestone bedrock.
  • Together they started writing and remixing club tracks under the name Bedrock.
  • The new location had a better bedrock, although the river was wider.
  • Give them a clear standard that is in accordance with the bedrock principles of our nation.
  • Such a cut, circular pattern in the bedrock had not been found before.
  • The building was constructed on soil rather than bedrock due to the geography of the site.
  • The valley formed in this fashion may have a steep wall at its head caused by a change in the bedrock type.
  • Bedrock is solid rock that makes up the upper part of the earth's crust.
  • He also presented a regular show called Bedrock on BBC Radio Wales.
  • However, 57 of them go an additional into the ground, including of bedrock.
  • This revealed some remains of the original castle foundations and the bedrock.
  • What once may have been a towering mountain chain is today a great rolling plain of ancient bedrock.
  • This bedrock is covered by deep clay drift over most of the town.
  • Both towers are above sea level and founded on relatively shallow bedrock.
  • The plan to limit central control and make the economy more independent of the party threatened bedrock beliefs.
  • The bedrock could not support what would be the largest dam project east of the Mississippi River.
  • Above this point, the water is not flowing over bedrock, and is not losing height quickly.
  • The picture to the right shows changes in the color of the bedrock layers.
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Meaning of bedrock

  • noun Solid unweathered rock lying beneath surface deposits of soil