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  • Much soil and bedrock in this series has been removed during mining operations.
  • However, bedrock is around below the surface, making it too deep for normal bridge foundation construction.
  • The hospital has an in-house hospital radio station operated by Bedrock.
  • The force is so strong everyone ends up going back in time to Bedrock.
  • Unlike in the rest of the state, bedrock is buried a few thousand feet below the surface.
  • The building is extremely stable because the foundation goes all the way down to bedrock.
  • Jimmy's marriage was the bedrock on which he built his successful career.
  • Underneath these remains were found a large stone structure built on top of the bedrock.
  • The rest of the Chicago area does not have bedrock this close to the surface.
  • The process would be continued down to either a pay streak or bedrock.
  • The soil above the bedrock is good for farming except in some areas.
  • A well just outside the park was drilled through of till without reaching bedrock.
  • If the ice melted, the interior bedrock below sea level would be covered by water.
  • Once the sides were cut down into the rock, the stone piece had to be separated from the bedrock.
  • It runs through bedrock at a depth of about below ground.
  • Bedrock then invited Lee to join the band as the lead singer.
  • They built cities out of crystals that seem to have been grown from bedrock.
  • Construction is difficult due to the granite-rich bedrock on which the city is built.
  • They can be seen in some bedrock outcrops in and around the river.
  • Some rock gardens are designed and built to look like natural outcrops of bedrock.
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Meaning of bedrock

  • noun Solid unweathered rock lying beneath surface deposits of soil