bedrock under

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  • It was deposited near the bedrock under the platform without any funerary offerings.
  • Construction of the new sewer lines involved slant drilling through bedrock under New Haven Harbor.
  • The bedrock under the summit of North Mountain belongs to the Pocono Formation.
  • Stepping up to the controls, he starts up his earthquake machine, sending a powerful surge of electricity through one of the wires and into the bedrock under the city.
  • However, it was found almost impossible to dig trenches in front of San Cristobal because there was bedrock under a thin layer of topsoil.
  • Burial 195 was a corbel-vaulted chamber cut into the bedrock under Temple 32.
  • In the bedrock under the Ringedals Dam there are three tunnels.
  • Archaeologists discovered a tomb cut into the bedrock under the pyramid, which contained a royal burial (Burial 195).
  • The tomb was cut into the bedrock under the temple, to the south of the burial of Siyaj Chan K'awiil II.
  • Bedrock under the Garibaldi chain consists of granitic and dioritic rocks of the Coast Plutonic Complex, which makes up much of the Coast Mountains.
  • The tomb was carved directly from the limestone bedrock under the pyramid, it is thought to have been the source of various fine quality ceramic vessels painted with images of wayob (spirit companions).
  • Structure 61 is notable for a chultun (a man-made subterranean storage chamber) that was found carved from the limestone bedrock under the central axis of its stairway.
  • The bedrock under the watershed includes part of the last exotic terrane, a chain of seamounts, acquired by the North American Plate as it moved west during the Eocene.
  • The limestone bedrock under the Little River Valley near Huntington created a sill, limiting the depth to which the Torrent and the future river could erode.
  • Gustav was later employed in the Soviet Union at the siege of Sevastopol during Operation Barbarossa, where among other things, it destroyed a munitions depot buried in the bedrock under a bay.
  • A lava flow stretching from the Ernstberg (700 m) and across the Eselsberg (637 m), ending just before the neighbouring village of Dreis, forms the bedrock under Dockweiler.
  • Bedrock under the harbor and in the Harborview and Calf Pasture Beach area is interlayered Ordovician trap falls gneisses and Harrison Gneiss with dark minerals hornblende, biotite and garnet.