bedrock consists

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  • The bedrock consists of many layers formed over vast periods of time.
  • The bedrock consists mainly of sandstone, which is the stone chiefly used for building the churches of the region.
  • Bedrock consists of limestone, and there are numerous springs, caves and bluffs along the river's edge.
  • The bedrock consists mainly of Carboniferous sandstones, including millstone grit, which is a major source of building material for the region's churches.
  • The bedrock consists of basement gneiss with occasional slate and volcanic rock.
  • The bedrock consists mostly of grauwacke, but with some thinly laminated argillaceous shale as well.
  • The bedrock consists of manganese slate that is not particularly watertight.
  • The bedrock consists mostly of gneiss, schist and granite rocks at a typical depth of between 2 and 10 feet.
  • The local bedrock consists mainly of Keuper Waterstone, a type of sandstone, and water retrieved from those rocks is very hard and often saline, making it undrinkable.
  • The bedrock consists of shale clay and sandstone.
  • The bedrock consists primarily of limestone, with elevations ranging between 100 and 3000 ft. Caves are numerous.
  • The bedrock consists of conglomerate, sandstone and slate.
  • The altitude in the municipality is from 110 to 309 m. The bedrock consists of Precambrian gneiss.
  • Immediately to the west of and east of the Walls Fault the exposures are of Dalriadan gneisses, and to the north and east of the bay the bedrock consists mainly of intrusive Devonian age igneous rocks.
  • Throughout the basin of Crow Creek, the bedrock consists predominantly of interbedded argillites or shales and graywackes, with some conglomerates, cut by numerous granitic dikes and sills.
  • Geologically the San Mateo Creek watershed is dominated by the Santa Ana Mountains, whose underlying bedrock consists of Jurassic-age igneous and sedimentary rock, overlain by a few thousand vertical feet of Cretaceous-age granite, gabbro, and tonalite.