bedridden patients

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  • It can be used as clothing for bedridden patients.
  • The prison includes four general practitioner offices, one dentist's office, one psychiatrist's office and place for bedridden patients.
  • He would make daily rounds of men already in the sick bay, while the loblolly boy would feed, wash and shave bedridden patients.
  • The second and third floors were for bedridden patients, so that they were undisturbed by out-patient and ambulatory services downstairs.
  • Various sizes of emesis basin are a common sight in healthcare settings, including facilities such as nursing homes that may have bedridden patients.
  • It has been reported that this drug might prevent much of the muscle wasting (atrophy) that occurs in immobile, bedridden patients.
  • Sheepskin boots are used in nursing for bedridden patients to prevent bedsores, especially at the heel.
  • These atrophic conditions are most marked in bedridden patients, and are largely due to disuse of the limb; they are recovered from if it is able to resume its functions. Cited from Manual of Surgery, by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
  • AHS Centaur was capable of voyages of 18 days before resupply and could carry just over 250 bedridden patients.
  • Of 90 bedridden patients moved from a hospital in the town of Futaba-machi, a sample of three patients were tested and shown to have been exposed to radiation.
  • It offers health care programs at country pioneers such as home delivery of psychiatric liaison, visiting bedridden patients, mammography, dental, ultrasound, providing lenses, sterilization of dogs and cats among others.
  • As punishment for not doing his team's reviews properly and for breaking the rules she set between him and Amber, Cuddy has the two of them cleaning up bedridden patients together while outside in the corridor, Wilson smiles to himself, amused at the scene.
  • As far as the Capital City of Delhi is concerned, this is a comprehensive Palliative OP Clinic for patients suffering from a variety of chronic diseases and also for Geriatrics in addition to long term bedridden patients.
  • To bring a small, portable piano to bedridden patients, in 1942 he built a 29-note keyboard using aluminum tubing from a B-17 to make a xylophone-like instrument, called the Army Air Corps lap model piano.
  • The BELTRI, or "Balance Elevator-Lift for Tractioning Recumbent Individuals" is an apparatus designed for the mobilization of bedridden patients.