bedridden due to

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  • As a young adult, she was bedridden due to a serious illness.
  • He was first drawn to journalism after being bedridden due to an ear infection during the summer after fifth grade.
  • At one point in her life, she was bedridden due to disease, causing atrophy of the muscles.
  • Several years before 2004, Rocco's parents became bedridden due to sickness.
  • At the time she began writing to Arthur, she was bedridden due to spinal trouble, lameness, and deafness.
  • Jeeves suggests that Bingo offer to read to his uncle, who is bedridden due to an attack of gout.
  • On the one hand, the Bishop, Joseph Laurent Philippe, was bedridden due to illness, and was therefore in no state to provide active opposition.
  • In 1904, Hitler had become seriously ill and was bedridden due to a serious lung ailment.
  • Magath is also a chess enthusiast, an interest which he developed during the 1978 World Chess Championship while he was bedridden due to hepatitis.
  • With Davis bedridden due to exhaustion, the Broadway opening, scheduled for December 4, was postponed.
  • In those cases where the person is bedridden due to a reduction of consciousness, has to remain in a wheelchair because of mobility problems, or has any other problem heavily impacting self-caring capacities, caregiving and nursing are critical.