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  • I have discovered that it is enough when a single note is beautifully played.
  • He said that results were much more important than playing beautifully.
  • He takes direction beautifully, and yet he always has something to add.
  • They get married and the story ends with a bishop passing by their beautifully painted house.
  • Finally she decides to go through with it and her pictures turn out beautifully.
  • A town that takes you back a few centuries with its beautifully shaped buildings and tall church tower.
  • The room still standing today is about high and beautifully decorated on the inside and outside.
  • The focus is not on winning or losing, but how beautifully one plays the game.
  • He sees their small-time existence and how beautifully they sing.
  • He settled down beautifully and I was surprised how well he stayed.
  • The floor is also beautifully done, with a fine and perfect finish.
  • He is beautifully recorded so that his playing can be fully appreciated.
  • She goes on to call the song "beautifully performed and written."
  • The city was beautifully designed and stones from the local mountains have been extensively used.
  • It is beautifully carved out of black rock and is in a standing position.
  • Unique for their time, they were beautifully made clothes available off the rack.
  • He was a very fast runner and played every movement beautifully.
  • Once my sight returned, I remember seeing color so much more vibrantly, so much more beautifully.
  • "The day was beautifully fine, and the players had a large following".
  • The central window is beautifully designed, and contains two female figures representing Literature and Music.
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Meaning of beautifully

  • adverb In a beautiful manner
    her face was beautifully made up