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  • His governor must be beastly poor to let him go about like that. Cited from The Hill of Dreams, by Arthur Machen
  • I got right away from my beastly self and saw you as you are. Cited from Anne Severn and the Fieldings, by May Sinclair
  • I want to get her away from that beastly place as soon as possible. Cited from Eve's Ransom, by George Gissing
  • I was going to cut the service, and they keep me for their beastly war. Cited from The Downfall, by Emile Zola
  • He was looking at the beastly thing now, instead of looking at her. Cited from The Tree of Heaven, by May Sinclair
  • If your people are too beastly, you'll come and share with us. Cited from The Dark House, by I. A. R. Wylie
  • I'll tell you everything you want to know -- the whole beastly story. Cited from Marriage a la mode, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • I was too deep in this beastly book to pay much attention. Cited from A Thief in the Night, by E. W. Hornung
  • What a beastly long time it seems since you were here! Cited from The Four Faces, by William le Queux
  • You don't know how a beastly thing like that would spread. Cited from The Palace of Darkened Windows, by Mary Hastings Bradley
  • I thought you'd see it was no good making a beastly row. Cited from Mike and Psmith, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • If only I had told the beastly truth for the third time! Cited from Tell England, by Ernest Raymond
  • Should you do this, however, you will probably pick up a beastly disease. Cited from Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 (of 6), by Havelock Ellis
  • Got track of him yesterday just before the beastly old storm hit me. Cited from The Outdoor Chums, by Captain Quincy Allen
  • I don't want a lady like this one to see me in such a beastly state. Cited from Fifteen Years With The Outcast, by M. Roberts
  • I remember a thing of that kind that was beastly hard on me. Cited from The Stories of the Three Burglars, by Frank Richard Stockton
  • I am in the house, however, with such a beastly cold in the head. Cited from Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson Vol 1
  • I think the beastly way in which they took that bread game spoke for itself. Cited from Jack of Both Sides, by Florence Coombe
  • It seemed rather beastly to drive you into telling me things that are none of my business. Cited from On The Firing Line, by A. C. Ray and H. B. Fuller
  • But it was beastly of him to go back on her like that. Cited from The Three Sisters, by May Sinclair
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Meaning of beastly

  • adverb In a beastly manner
    she behaved beastly toward her mother-in-law