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  • Monod's influence brought Beardslee onto the path that would become her career in contemporary classical music.
  • The Beardslee was considered to be capable of only a slow rate of transmission.
  • Beardslee was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.
  • Prosecutors claim that a drug deal between the friends of Beardslee's roommate had gone wrong.
  • The first execution under his administration was that of Donald Beardslee.
  • Beardslee went on to perform "Pierrot" over fifty times in the US and abroad.
  • Dr. Beardslee admitted that Rappe had never mentioned being assaulted while he was treating her.
  • The library also maintains an archive of the works of Will Beardslee.
  • Babbitt was one of Beardslee's longest and most important musical collaborations.
  • Captain Frederick E. Beardslee, son of the inventor, was sent to make repairs.
  • Beardslee was the first prisoner to be executed in California since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took office.
  • Beardslee turned himself in and confessed to the killing.
  • Lake Crescent is known as the home of the celebrated Beardslee trout. Cited from Resources of the State of Washington, 1909, by Ithamar Howell
  • Beardslee's phone number was found near Geddling's body and when police called he confessed and led them to Benjamin's body.
  • Dr. Arthur Beardslee, the hotel doctor, testified that an external force seemed to have damaged the bladder.
  • Beardslee's Case, as an anti-slavery triumph. Cited from Personal Recollections of Pardee Butler, by Pardee Butler
  • In 1956 he married the singer and contemporary music specialist Bethany Beardslee.
  • The prosecutors noted that Beardslee sent Soria out to get duct tape to bind the victims before they arrived.
  • The light fixtures were designed and constructed by the Beardslee Chandelier Company of Chicago, Illinois.
  • Beardslee served in the Assembly until 1911, including service as Speaker of the Assembly during the 1907 session.
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