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  • The figure is bearded with eyes made of black and white stone.
  • He even shows up on screen as a large bearded man in the crowd.
  • His true face is that of a bearded old man and is set into his chest.
  • The side on the left showing the head of a bearded man, while the right a standing individual.
  • He is a giant bearded fighter, whom people often fear and run away from.
  • They know me for a long-bearded old man. Cited from The Talking Leaves, by William O. Stoddard
  • To his dismay, the men find a young bearded man behind the wall.
  • More than one bearded face grew a little pale at the thought of those saddles. Cited from The Talking Leaves, by William O. Stoddard
  • He heard word of there being bearded men among a neighboring tribe.
  • He was described as heavily bearded and with a slight frame, standing about in height.
  • However the eastern bearded dragon will perform this beard display more often than its cousin.
  • He is known for his bearded appearance as well as for wearing jewellery when running.
  • Prudence has two faces one young looking into a mirror and the other old and bearded looking back.
  • The large bearded man was up once more. Cited from The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston
  • He went into the audience, walked over to a bearded gentleman and borrowed his hat.
  • Who ever heard of a bearded man sobbing like a child? Cited from The Madman and the Pirate, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • It is one of a group of species known commonly as bearded dragons.
  • Bearded tries to make its money simply through magazine sales and Beardaid support.
  • Plates a, b, c, and d show bearded male figures, and the remaining three are female.
  • Sawyer tells the bearded man that the business between them isn't over.
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Root form of bearded is beard for the verb.

Meaning of bearded

  • verb Go along the rim, like a beard around the chin
    Houses bearded the top of the heights