beach resort

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  • A light house has been constructed next to the beach resort.
  • Today it is a popular beach resort visited by about three million international tourists every year.
  • The occasion was said to be in a beach resort in the province.
  • A modern beach resort built near the port is named in honor of Saint Paul.
  • It later grew from a small settlement to the large beach resort it has been since the 19th century.
  • Its location simply did not allow it to compete directly with the new beach resorts.
  • The video starts with the girls being dropped of at a tropical beach resort.
  • He took a long leave and set out to a beach resort for some days of relaxation.
  • First from the college, and then as the years passed from the beach resort where she had opened a tea room. Cited from The Gay Cockade, by Temple Bailey
  • It is a popular beach resort with a small port.
  • It is known as a beach resort and is within driving distance of two national parks.
  • In recent years beach resorts north and south of the town have brought tourists.
  • The three take a trip to a beach resort together.
  • At a beach resort, a man goes missing during a party, and is found dead in the ocean.
  • Although beach resorts had long existed, they had been restricted to the upper class.
  • The town is primarily a fishing port and a beach resort.
  • Known production details state that it was shot on a beach resort and used a miniature train.
  • Since then the province concentrated its efforts on building beach resorts.
  • The city hosts major beach resorts and has the second largest fishing fleet in Mexico.
  • Where a beach is the primary focus for tourists, it may be called a beach resort.
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