be affronted

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  • Thus will they more easily be known, and they will not be affronted. Cited from The Koran, Translated by J.M. Rodwell
  • I have been affronted by a fellow officer, and we fight at three this afternoon. Cited from Chapters from My Autobiography, by Mark Twain
  • If ever I was affronted in my life it was then. Cited from Cat and Dog, by Julia Charlotte Maitland
  • From that day I received no supplies for myself or my people, as the king was affronted. Cited from The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, Baker
  • And then the old lady was affronted for good, and never took any more notice of me, nor answered my letters. Cited from Modern Broods, by Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • We fail to be affronted by what we do not understand. Cited from Americans and Others, by Agnes Repplier
  • The Walsinghams would be affronted, and then what would become of their interest in the county? Cited from Tales and Novels, Vol. V, by Maria Edgeworth
  • He has too much good sense to be affronted at insults. Cited from Talks on Talking, by Grenville Kleiser
  • She did not know whether she was affronted, or hurt, or merely startled. Cited from The Captain's Toll-Gate, by Frank R. Stockton
  • Certainly a human legislator is a terrible enemy when his laws are affronted, and are made to no purpose. Cited from The Antiquities of the Jews, by Flavius Josephus
  • "If we left them now for Cocksmoor, would it not look as it we were affronted?" Cited from The Daisy Chain, or Aspirations by Charlotte Yonge
  • The gentleman was affronted, and resolved to make her feel it. Cited from Dynevor Terrace(Vol. II),by Charlotte M Yonge
  • They are affronted if you doubt their punctuality, and the probability is, you never hear of them or their goods again. Cited from Life in Mexico, by Frances Calder¢n De La Barca
  • Must I still preserve some kind feelings for you, and suffer myself to be affronted by so many indignities? Cited from Don Garcia of Navarre, by Moliere
  • They were jovial fellows, he knew, who would be affronted if he refused to drink a cup of wine with them. Cited from The Golden Dog, by William Kirby
  • It was her business not to be affronted by familiar remarks and actions. Cited from Villa Elsa, by Stuart Henry
  • Britain was affronted and no longer trusted Japan as a partner.
  • This bullock I resisted for some time, until I saw that the man was affronted. Cited from The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, Baker
  • His Majesty would never have been so grossly affronted abroad, if he had not first been affronted at home. Cited from History of England, James II V. 5, Macaulay
  • So far as I could gather, his modesty was affronted by this revelation of his lower legs. Cited from Ruggles of Red Gap, by Harry Leon Wilson
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