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  • Although considered a battleground state, Bush won every single pre-election poll in the state.
  • How often this fertile country was made the battleground of surrounding nations! Cited from See America First, by Orville O. Hiestand
  • As this forms the battleground during life, so does it play an important part in post-mortem existence. Cited from Death--and After?, by Annie Besant
  • Whether the country liked it or not, in a war it would become a major nuclear battleground.
  • Can the Doctor stop them making Earth their battleground?
  • In two years, the country turned into a battleground.
  • The Eye of the Storm battleground is only available to those with the expansion.
  • North America increasingly became a battleground between the two states.
  • In two great battlegrounds of the human spirit the problem raised by Prometheus has been fought out. Cited from Among Famous Books, by John Kelman
  • Montegrano's citizens viewed their village life as little more than a battleground.
  • All in all only four of the fourteen men depicted were actually at the battleground.
  • The open desert battleground provided little to no cover for the tanks and infantry from air attacks.
  • Romney spent a considerable amount of time giving political speeches in key primary battleground states.
  • However, players also earn honor when they or nearby teammates kill players in a battleground.
  • Battlegrounds first episode received mixed to positive reviews, with critics noting its relatively low production value but strong writing.
  • Catholic schools were a major battleground in the church struggle.
  • Now look at the North Sea, which was the real battleground. Cited from Flag and Fleet, by William Wood
  • Purple states are also often referred to as battleground states.
  • Marriage is chosen simply because it is the modern spiritual battleground, a condition for the trying-out of souls. Cited from Masters of the English Novel, by Richard Burton
  • Successful arena teams can use these points to buy armor and weapons of a higher quality than those available from battlegrounds.
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