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  • There is the Lake George Battleground on the edge of the village along County Route 6.
  • The Wanted began working on their third studio album shortly after the release of Battleground on 4 November 2011.
  • Of course I gladly accepted, for I wanted to see the old place of fun and pain, and the battleground on the sands. Cited from The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, by John Muir
  • The first episode Siachen: the battleground on the roof of the world was completed by the end of 2011.
  • The Siachen area, which lies in a territory disputed by India and Pakistan, is the highest battleground on earth.
  • These pictures also offered a kind of cultural escape valve: a safe battleground on which to explore serious issues like class under a comedic (and non-threatening) framework.
  • Saxe had picked the battleground on which to confront the British, and filled the nearby woods with French marksmen.
  • The glacier's region is the highest battleground on Earth, where Pakistan and India have fought intermittently since April 1984.
  • The game can be played in either the one-player mode (in which the game's story takes place) or the co-op mode (in which two human players can select a battleground on which to compete in).
  • The Siachen glacier is the highest battleground on earth, where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since April 13, 1984.
  • Kurukshetra (literally "field of the Kurus"), was the battleground on which this war, known as the Kurukshetra War, was fought.
  • "While other parts of Mexico are hit by an increase in drugs violence, the beheadings and massacres familiar a few years ago are now rare in Tijuana, a key battleground on one of the most lucrative drug smuggling corridors to the United States."
  • Bryan and Orton's next scheduled encounter for the now-vacant title on pay-per-view at Battleground on October 6 ended in a no contest after Big Show interfered and attacked both wrestlers and the referees, including a returning Scott Armstrong.
  • At Battleground on October 6, Big Show interfered in a match between Orton and Bryan for the vacant WWE Championship, and knocked both competitors out, ruling out the match a no contest.
  • After successfully defending the title against Paige at Battleground on July 20, AJ was viciously assaulted by Paige, and later shoved off the entrance ramp, briefly injuring her in the storyline.
  • Narrowly escaping an assassination attempt with the assistance of the ghosts of the unburied, Shen Tai leaves the battleground on the western frontier to journey toward the capital, Xinan, protected by Wei Song, a female Kanlin warrior.