battleground during

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  • As this forms the battleground during life, so does it play an important part in post-mortem existence. Cited from Death--and After?, by Annie Besant
  • A major battleground during the Russian Civil War, the region would remain unstable afterwards.
  • Kozara was also a former battleground during World War II.
  • The Uckermark was a battleground during World War II, with many of its towns being severely damaged.
  • Since then, Ligovo has been a court manor, an exemplary farm, a town, and a battleground during World War II.
  • Due to this location the state was a key battleground during the 22-year Second Sudanese Civil War that ended in 2005.
  • Kentucky was a battleground during the war; the Battle of Blue Licks, one of the last major battles of the Revolution, was fought in Kentucky.
  • Dongnae was a prominent battleground during the Imjin War and legend says the people of Dongnae threw green onions while defeating the invading Japanese soldiers.
  • Udyavara was one of the earliest capitals of the Alupas, and a source of conflict between two factions of the family, becoming a battleground during the 8th and 9th centuries.
  • This relatively isolated range became notorious as a battleground during the Cambodian Civil War, when it was a base for communist insurgent forces and the target of significant bombing by B-52s and other air strikes.
  • Shemlan's strategic location overlooking Beirut International Airport and its diverse political make-up made Shemlan a fierce battleground during the 1958 civil war and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
  • The Marquisate had been a battleground during the Italian Wars and a succession war between the Pro-Habsburg Giovanni Ludovico and the pro-French Francesco.