battleground as

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  • Palestine once again became a battleground as the various enemies of the Fatimids attacked.
  • Instead, soldiers of the Line recognize him and the town is turned into an all-out battleground as Creedmoor escapes.
  • The civilian posse arrived at the battleground as the fighting finished.
  • The article uses a battleground as a metaphor for an adoptive family.
  • The media became a crucial battleground as the conflict unfolded.
  • Montreal became a notable battleground as the NHA established two franchises, including the modern-day Montreal Canadiens.
  • During King William's War, the area became a battleground as the French and English fought to determine the boundaries of their empires.
  • Katsuhisa Higuchi programmed the battle system, which hosted combat on the map without transition to a special battleground as most previous Square games had done.
  • Finland was a battleground as both armies ravaged the countryside, leading to famine, epidemics, social disruption and the loss of nearly half the population.
  • However he cleverly chose the battleground as Stonehenge.
  • The powerful and aggressive Comanche controlled a vast stretch of land to the north and west, making Coryell County a hostile battleground as settlers moved into the area.
  • Harkor also fell in the battleground as martyr.
  • That plantation and all of the furnishings were subsequently burned when Wilson's Raiders went through that area, the irony being that Mobile itself never became a battleground as had been anticipated.
  • There was confusion on the battleground as many thought that Al-Nasir's army had been defeated when they saw the Mongols passing the right flank of Al-Nasir's army.
  • In 1912, local resident David Schenck initiated plans to gain control of land to commemorate the Guilford Courthouse battleground as a park.
  • By some adroit movement they were herded over the low bank, and a cloud of dust hid the entire battleground as the animals, mad with fright and goaded by arrows, tossed against one another, stumbled blindly until they had cleared the ridge. Cited from Vanguards of the Plains, by Margaret McCarter
  • It was because of this victory over Siamese the that King Ang Chan renamed the battleground as "Siem Reap" meaning "the flat defeat of Siam".